Couples Services
"Love Unleashed."

Say "I Love You" through the gift of massage therapy and a full stomach.  We provide all the materials for your perfect night of LOVE.

Couples Day In Package 
  • 60 Minute Swedish Couples Massage

  • 2 Chef Prepared Entrees (prep on-site or drop off)

  • Chef's Choice Dessert

  • Chef's Choice Wine

Chef's Menu Options​

  1. Surf and Turf (+$25)

  2. Stuffed Pineapples (Chicken or Shrimp)

  3. Hibachi Bar

*Services  can be provided in-home with onsite preparation or within your hotel suite with our drop off delivery services.

CBD Infused: +40 per couple

Couples Massage Only
  • 2 Licensed Massage Therapists

  • Massage Table (max 350lbs)

  • Fresh linen

  • Hypoallergenic lotions/oils

  • Soothing music

CBD Infused: +20 per couple

Couples Massage Lessons

Learn how to relax your partner anytime and anyplace with hands on instruction of our best massage techniques. Invite your friends for a great Couples Night.

What to Expect?


We start with 60 minutes of hands on instruction.

Followed by a 60 Minute Swedish Couples Massage completed by our licensed massage therapists.

Couples Paint & Massage

Enjoy an intimate painting session for 2 with our art instructor followed by a 60 Minute Couples Massage. 

Couples Paint Only: $100

Couples Paint & 60 Minute Couples Massage: $275

Couples Spirit Tasting & Massage

Learn how to make your favorite cocktails with our onsite mixology services.  Enjoy this service alone or couple it with our 60 Minute Swedish massage.

Spirit Tasting Only: $115

  • Choice of Brown or White Liquor

    • 1 Shot​ (Customized with your name)

    • 1 Martini

    • 1 Tall Glass

  • Spirit Tasting & 60 Minute Couples Massage: $275

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