Couples Services
"Love Unleashed."

Say "I Love You" through the gift of massage therapy and a full stomach.  We provide all the materials for your perfect night of LOVE.

Couples Day In Package 
  • 60 Minute Swedish Couples Massage

  • 2 Chef Prepared Entrees (prep on-site or drop off)

  • Chef's Choice Dessert

  • Chef's Choice Wine

Chef's Menu Options​

  1. Surf and Turf

  2. Stuffed Pineapples (Chicken or Shrimp)

  3. Hibachi Bar

*Services  can be provided in-home with onsite preparation or within your hotel suite with our drop off delivery services.

CBD Infused: +40 per couple

Couples Massage Only
  • 2 Licensed Massage Therapists

  • Massage Table (max 350lbs)

  • Fresh linen

  • Hypoallergenic lotions/oils

  • Soothing music

CBD Infused: +20 per couple

Couples Massage Class
$125 per couple*

Gather your favorite couples and host your own Couples Massage Class in the comfort of your home.

What to Expect?


We start with 60 minute hands on instruction, where you and your partner will alternate learned techniques.

After instruction has ended each couple will enjoy a 30 Minute Swedish Couples Massage completed by our licensed massage therapists.

Minimum 3 couples

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