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Leg Injury
Medical Massage Therapy

"Relief At Your Front Door"

Pain is an issue of the past when you allow our Licensed Massage Therapists to provide you the comfort of pain relief in the comfort of your home.

*FSA/HSA accepted

The Relaxation Club

"Self Care, Discounted, and Delivered" on your schedule.  Our elite mobile massage club specializes in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly in-home massage therapy services to enhance your wellbeing. 
FREE with FSA/HSA benefits!

Migraine & Sinus Pain

A massage therapy technique that combines Swedish Massage therapy techniques with trigger point head therapy to release pressure in the front and rear of the head.  

60 Minute: $85

90 Minute: $115

120 Minute: $140

Rehabilitation Massage Therapy

A combination massage technique that is specifically designed for those recovering from strokes, car accidents, or loss of limbs.  

60 Minute: $95

90 Minute: $130

120 Minute: $165

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain


Ideal relief for those who suffer from chronic body aches and pains.  Includes soft, long strokes to help reduce pain sensitivity at tender points. 

60 Minute: $95

90 Minute: $135

120 Minute: $170

What's Included With Every Massage?

  1. Licensed and Certified massage therapists

  2. Massage Table holding up to 350lbs

  3. Fresh Sheets for each guest

  4. Non scented and hypoallergenic lotions/oils

  5. Soothing music for a relaxing atmosphere

Therapy Room

Arthritis Therapy

Relieves many of the normal discomforts of joint pain experienced by those suffering from different arthritis conditions.  Includes kneading with adjustable pressure and circular movements to loosen the joints and muscles surrounding it.

60 Minute: $100

90 Minute: $140

120 Minute: $175


Geriatric Massage Therapy

Gentle strokes or light, passive stretching to manipulate seniors’ muscles, joints and tendons. 

60 Minute: $85

90 Minute: $115

120 Minute: $140

Sciatic Nerve therapy

Sooths tense muscles utilizing long deep pressure strokes to release the pressure around your sciatic nerve.  

60 Minute: $100

90 Minute: $135

120 Minute: $155

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