Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I have to book?

For massage therapy, nail services, and mobile make-up services we can accomodate services 24 hours in advance. For other services we require at least a 72 hour notice.

How long does services normally take?

For residential events we send enough service providers for services to be completed in at least 2.5 hours. For Corporate events we will provide enough service providers to complete services within the allotted time provided.

How does payment work?

We complete all invoices via PayPal. A 50% deposit is required within 24 hours to hold your reservation time and date. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to your event.

How do I book?

Each service page has the option to book your requested service directly from the page. If you are requesting multiple services or multiple guests you can book directly from our Book Now tab by submitting your requested service inquiry.

What is the minimum and maximum guests needed for a mobile service?

For Medical Massage Therapy services we can accomodate individual appointments. For non-medical massages we require a minimum of 2 guests, or the 4 handed massage for individual non-medical massage therapy services. There is no maximum amount of guests. We have enough service providers available to serve any guest quantity.

How do I book multiple services or a Pamper Party?

All services are provided a la carte. If you are looking to schedule a Pamper Party with multiple services, please go to our Book Now page and submit your custom inquiry.

Is there a service minimum to rent The Pamper Lounge?

A minimum of $200 in services must be purchased to rent The Pamper Lounge.

What are your hours of operation?

We take our first appointment at 10:00am and our last appointment at 7:00pm.

How many guests can The Pamper Lounge service at one time?

The Pamper Lounge can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests for services. For events with more than 6 guests we do rotate guests on the bus to recieve services.